• Experienced media and digital executive with over 15 years of expertise in building strategic business partnerships across various distribution platforms in the media, entertainment, tech, and emerging industries, including the creator economy.

  • Françoise is a seasoned media and digital executive with a proven track record of negotiating high-value distribution deals, curating compelling content catalogs, and spearheading successful global expansion initiatives. Adept at building multicultural teams and fostering relationships with key industry players, she is enthusiastic to leverage innovative and creative solutions to maximize audience engagement and deliver exceptional results. She is dedicated to driving growth, fostering creativity, and achieving business excellence.


    With experience at companies like StarNews Mobile, House of Podcasts, Afrostream, My Zen TV, and Lagardere Active, Françoise has demonstrated her dedication to using new technologies, such as Replay, SVOD, Fast TV, OTT, Audio, Streaming, and VR. Her strategic vision and international expansion efforts have consistently played a crucial role in boosting revenues, brand exposure, and driving growth in content distribution and the creator economy.


    At STARNEWS MOBILE, Françoise collaborates with over 120 partners, including brands and rights owners, to help them shape and monetize their audience effectively. She also works closely with telcos and agencies to leverage subscription, and activation for customers, partnering with major providers such as Orange, MTN, Airtel, and Vodafone. Françoise spearheaded a pioneering strategic partnership with MTN to introduce tailored services such as 'Africa Foot,' a digital pop-up network covering the Africa Cup of Nations, providing unique and engaging content to audiences across the continent. 

    Prior to, Françoise was responsible for business development and content at HOUSE OF PODCASTS. She led the content strategy and focused on producing over 50 creative campaigns delivering compelling narratives across various mediums (video, podcast, photography, social media assets, audiobooks, and e-learning activities) with global organizations such as the United Nations. 

    Previously, Françoise joined AFROSTREAM, the first-ever streaming platform known as the "Netflix for African and African-American" serving the European and African market. During her tenure, she managed Business, Content, and Programming, driving the company's expansion forward by implementing key major partnerships, and scaling the service to over 40 countries.

    Françoise was formerly the Managing Director for MY ZEN TV a wellness channel available in over 85 countries with more than 40 million subscribers. In this capacity, she orchestrated the transformation of the company’s product offering, making it digitally-centric and data-enabled. Françoise also played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the MY ZEN TV streaming service.

    She kicked off her career in the media landscape at LAGARDERE ACTIVE - TV division (acquired in 2019 by M6 Group, Canal +, and LVMH) where she spent over a decade working in various roles that overlapped both the business and content sides. As the SVP of Global Media Distribution, she was instrumental in generating annual revenues exceeding $60 million. During this time, Françoise gained invaluable experience in managing large multicultural teams in complex international environments.


    The industry has recognized Françoise’s contributions with numerous speaking engagements including, Fipadoc (Biarritz), CSTB (Russia), Mipcom/Miptv (France). Françoise has also lectured on "Innovation and Business in the Media" for the Department of Mass Media Arts at Clark University (MA, USA). Currently, Françoise serves as a senior lecturer for the MBA Communication and Media Production program at EFAP (International School of Communication, France). Additionally, she is a founding member of the 'Cine Club,' a vibrant and inclusive community launched on the Clubhouse app. The club is dedicated to fostering discussions on culture, films, and entertainment, boasting a community of over 1.6K members. 


    Françoise holds a Master's Degree in Media, Design, and Art and she is a graduate of the prestigious French School of Art & Design "Ecole Boulle". A native of the Caribbean, she is fluent in both French and English. Outside of her professional pursuits, she is an avid enthusiast of various activities, including horseback riding, golf, backgammon, art exploration, meditation, and global travel (50+ countries). She’s also an advocate for #EqualRights.


    With a global mindset, Françoise embraces the idea of living anywhere in the world, as long as it offers "great people, great weather, and great wifi".